The way of all sound….

Couple podcasts I was recommending took pretty swift strong nosedives. So I’ve kicked those to the curb, what can I tell you, quality varies drastically, one can be great and others… idiotically bad.

Some podcasts use entire episodes as a joke. So pretty much pulled my recommendations for those guys.

While possibly amusing, it becomes less funny when you realize every episode is potentially the only chance you’ll have to grab and hold someone’s attention. Is potentially someone’s first sampling of what you’re about, and depending what you give them… will be their last.

So to take the time to put out less than your best show, when it’s hard to rise above the rest of the choices out there in the first place, seems idiotic.

So anyhow, here are the podcasts I recommend now. The ones that pretty much in the skant months I’ve been listening, have been consistently reliable:

Political rants, on either side of the divide tend seldom to be my thing. Usually it’s people with too much venom, to be informative, or to get an idea across to more than the choir. I found an exception in this show. I think start with show 82 where the hosts touches on the censoring of science, the idea of science, (like global warming) by the current administration. (Global warming… what’s that? Amazing stuff).

This is Twilight Zone for radio. Great vehicle for some of the best new short fiction out there.

For the best in Old Time Radio, this is a pretty solid introduction

Another show introducing new short audio drama, dealing with everything from the humorous to the horrific. Good stuff.

On the less serious side, the best show for interviews of writers, artists, and a fun look at the people behind an increasing percentage of movies and video games and tv, …Comic Book Folks.

For just plain news on what’s the best stuff out there to read, these guys are probably at the top of my list. Whether you want to call them Comic Books, or Graphic Novels, or Sequential art, they introduce you to this paper medium with a heaping helping of fun, and wit.

This show offer indepth, one on one interviews with Comic Creators. Well done, and informative.

So those are the shows, that I’ve found always have solid episodes. That if not always great, you understand they at least strive… to make it the best they can. And not waste your time, or theirs.

Currently don’t have a music recommendation, but still looking. As soon as I find one, I’ll pass it on.

Now go out there and have some fun!